Citizen Portal For Reporting Concerns
Posted on Wednesday November 21, 2018
The Citizen Portal is now available for Hope's Citizens to report concerns or work items they see or have at their residences.

The City of Hope Arkansas is offering our Citizens an additional way to report concerns/problems found throughout the Community.  The Citizen Portal is part of a Work Management System that has been in use for the past couple of years by the  City of Hope Sanitation, Street, and Wastewater Departments.  The work requests will automatically be routed to the appropriate department for action. 


To access this portal, go to our home page,, and click on the Mobile311 icon or “Report a Concern” on the left of the page.  This will take you to the landing site for the Citizen Portal, which can be bookmarked for faster access.  Once on this page, account creation is requested so 1).  You can receive notification when the work request has been fulfilled; 2). You can have a history of requests; 3). We can contact you if there is a need for additional information or we encounter a problem with the request.


The Citizen Portal does not take the place of calling our Public Works for requests (870-777-8644) but offers an additional, more efficient way of communication.  By accessing the portal on your mobile phone with location enabled, the work request will be created where you are at the time of the request.  This is handy for items particularly like potholes and dead animals.  Items that can be reported through the Portal: Abandoned Vehicle, Dead Animal, Ditch Problem, Graffiti, Junk & Rubbish, Leaves & Grass, Limbs Needing Trimmed, Litter, Mowing Edge of Road, Pothole, Stick & Limbs, Storm Drain Problem, Street Sign Problem, Yard Needs Mowing.  Items that can be reported through the website but not on the Portal or called in are: Animal Control Issues, Fire Hydrant Leaks, Missed Trash Pickup, Missed Yard Waste, Park/Playground Issues, Police – General/Non-Emergency, Street & Traffic Light Outages, Sewer/Water Leaks.


We hope you find this tool useful and appreciate any feedback you may have.

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