Citizen 311 Report Portal

Thank-you for choosing to report a concern to the City of Hope.  Most of your requests (Abandoned Vehicles, Dead Animals, Ditch Problems, Graffiti, Junk & Rubbish, Leaf & Grass Piles, Limbs Needing Trimmed, Litter, Mowing Edge of Road, Pothole, Sticks & Limbs, Storm Drain Problem, Street Sign Problem, Yard Needs Mowing) can be handled through our new Citizen Portal on our Work Management System,

Link to Hope's Mobile311 Citizen Portal

This requires an account to be created so you can track your requests and receive an email confirmation when it is completed, and if an problem exists with your request, we will be able to contact you.

We recommend you add the page to your Home Screen on your mobile device for fast access (Chrome on Android or IOS, click the 3 dots in the upper right and select "Add to Home Screen".  Safari, use the
Safari menu buttonmenu button and select "Add to Home Screen".  For Firefox on Android, tap Menu, "Page", and "Add Page Shortcut"

For assistance with registration, logging in, or submitting requests, please visit this HELP section.

The following concerns are NOT in Mobile311 and will need to continue to be sent through our website by clicking HERE:
  1. Animal Control issues
  2. Fire Hydrant Leaks
  3. Missed Trash Pickup
  4. Missed Yard Waste
  5. Park/Playground issues
  6. Police - General, Non-emergency
  7. Street & Traffic Lights Outages
  8. Sewer/Water Leaks
  9. Other