Wastewater Department

The Wastewater Department strives to safely and efficiently collect and treat up to 2 million gallons of domestic and industrial waste daily from almost 5,000 Hope customers.

This department maintains the lines and pump stations as well as run the two treatment plants and also takes care of all the street signs in Hope.

The City of Hope Wastewater Collection System consists of 115 miles of waste collection lines, over 2000 manholes, and 6 pump stations.  The maintenance crew uses high-pressure water pump and a variety of chemicals to clean and unblock the sewer lines.  

Our two treatment plants were built in the mid 1970's and are still running well today.  The larger plant can handle over a million gallons of effluent each day, while the smaller one about 750,000 gallons.  Waste comes from a combination of residential, commercial, and industrial sources.

The Department Superintendent is Scott Ross.  Mr. Ross began his career with the City of Hope in 2006 as a Wastewater Operator and eventually Lab Technician.  After a 3 year departure to work for the State of Arkansas, he returned in 2015 and is presently over the entire Wastewater Department, including line maintenance.


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