Sanitation - Landfill

The City of Hope Landfill is located 3759 Hwy. 67 West across from Highway 353 in Guernsey.  We have a Class I and Class IV sections run by a crew of 5.  

Class I is household garbage, typically in bags.  This is also where the trash from the commercial dumpsters is placed.  The City of Hope puts this Class I material through a compactor designed to create 3 ton bails that take up less space than if trash is just dumped straight from the trucks.

Class IV includes items such as building materials, old appliances, and discarded furniture. The appliances can NOT contain freon; these items will be rejected by the crew.

Fees to dispose of items at the landfill are $4.25 per uncompacted yard and $8.50 per compacted yard for Class I material.  Class IV fees are $4.25 per uncompacted yard.

This part of the Sanitation Department is run by Mark Curtis. Mr. Curtis started work for the City in 2010 in the Landfill Department.  He was promoted to his current position in 2016.







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