The Finance Department is responsible for receiving payments from customers for services performed by the City of Hope, disbursements of money for services or goods received by the City, and weekly paychecks. This department also plays an important role in development of the annual budget.

Two staff make up this department.  Debbie Hall is the Finance Director and only full-time Finance employee.  Barbara Goodson is the Bookkeeper and is part-time.

Debbie Hall has been with the City of Hope since November 30th, 1992. She started as and is currently the Finance Director. Ms. Hall's office is in City Hall.


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Debra Hall
Finance Director
City Hall
206 W. Avenue A.
Hope, AR 71801
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Phone: 870-722-2573
Fax: 870-722-2579
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.