Softball / Baseball Fields

Hope has three softball-only fields - Kelly #1, #2, and #3 at Fair Park.

K-Park and Millennium Field at Fair Park and the Northside Park field are combination softball and baseball.
Our five baseball-only fields are all located in Fair Park:

Kiwanis #1, #2, #3, Legion Field, and Harry Hawthorne Field (T-ball). 
Baseball/Softball field rental is $25/field + $10/team for a tournament or $75/field for individuals.  During the season, most fields are reserved for team practices.

Kelly Fields
 Kelly Field Complex at 16th Street and Springhill Drive
K-Park, also known locally as LadyCat Field, is located on Jones Street in Fair Park.
Millennium Field
 Millennium Field is located in Fair Park behind K-Park.
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 The field at Northside Park is a combination softball/baseball type.  
Kiwanis Field #1
Kiwanis Field #1, located on W. 16th Street just past Kelly Fields.
Kiwanis Field #2
Kiwanis Field #2 is located on West 16th Street.
Kiwanis Field #3
 This is Kiwanis Field #3.
Legion Field
Legion Field is a baseball-only field.  This field is located in Fair Park across from the Community Center and main office.
Harry Hawthorne
Finally, Harry Hawthorne Field was designed as a t-ball field but is used for softball as well.  Located next to K-Park at the corner of Jones and Johnson Streets.

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